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Cleaning Your Window Coverings

Keeping your window treatments clean doesn’t have to be a difficult task. Whether you’re cleaning blinds, shutters, drapes, or other treatments, using general cleaning advice along with specific guidelines for certain products can be helpful in maintaining an immaculate appearance for your windows. Consider these helpful cleaning tips before starting.

General Care

Despite the type of material or window covering you’re working with, there are general cleaning tips that can assist you in how to properly and safely clean your window treatments. It’s recommended to dust your window coverings frequently to preserve a like-new appearance. Dusting can be done in several ways and is very safe for most blinds, shutters, shades, and sheers. If you choose to dust with a cloth, make sure you’re not using a brand that attracts dust with a magnetic cleaner, as this will cause damage to light-dimming fabrics. If you’re looking for a deeper clean, use a vacuum cleaner on a very low, gentle setting as to not harshly tear any fabric. Also, be sure to use a soft bristled brush attachment that won’t pick fabrics or scratch any aluminum or wood blinds or shutters. When vacuuming, sweep from side to side in a vertical fashion to properly clean all of the material, except for the Hunter Douglas Alustra® Luminette® or Luminette® privacy sheers. Due to their vertical design, using a vertical stroke to clean will crease fabric in an unpleasant way. Also, if you’ve purchased the Architella® or Elan® Hunter Douglas blinds, be sure to never use a vacuum, as this will permanently ruin this product. If vacuuming or cloth dusting is off limits, creating a strong stream of air is recommended. Compressed cans of air are the best way to achieve this, as they offer a strong enough flow to remove any dust and debris present without vacuuming or dusting, keeping physical contact at a minimum. Also, a hair dryer can be used for this effect as well, just be sure that you’re using a non-heat dryer setting to prevent melting or ruining sheer or delicate fabrics.

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Specific Care

For blinds, shades, drapes, or sheers that need specific care, it’s best to consult the manufacturers website for an instructional guide on how to clean that particular window treatment. Always follow manufacturer instructions, as different products can require different cleaning methods. For drapes or fabric shades that are stained or are in need of spot cleaning, be sure to research whether your particular product can withstand this type of scrubbing. Not all products can be spot cleaned, but if your manufacturer recommends it, do not use any harsh chemical cleaning agents. Always use a very mild cleaning detergent with water to dilute the solution first. It is also recommended that you test a small, nonvisible area on your window treatments, whether they are fabric or not, in order to see how the material will react to your cleaning solution. If the mixture seems to harm your window treatment, discontinue use and consult your manufacturers website or a professional cleaning service for further assistance. When spot cleaning, be sure to use a clean and white cloth, as a colored cloth may fade onto your window treatment or permanently stain them. If bugs are an issue for your household window treatments, refrain from using any type of tools that may have the potential to scratch, tear, or harm your treatments. Instead, remove bugs with compressed air or use a hair dryer without the heat setting to gently and effectively eradicate the insects without harming your treatments.

Professional & ULTRASONIC Cleaning

Getting your window treatments cleaned professionally is recommended and for certain window treatments, this is the only method the manufacturer suggests. For the injection and extraction cleaning method, a professional can come to your home and professionally inject a cleaning solution into your soiled fabrics. Afterward, they will extract the dirty solution, leaving behind professionally cleaned window treatments. For this type of cleaning it is usually unnecessary to remove your window coverings, making it an easy technique. If your product recommends an ultrasonic cleaning, a professional will submerge your treatment into a cleaning solution tank and scrub with sound waves for a deep and thorough clean. Contact the professional staff of Draperies ‘N Things today to schedule your professional window treatment cleaning near Medford, Phoenix, and Ashland, Oregon or for more helpful tips as well.

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