What Color Shutters Should I Choose

Once you have decided on the type of shutter you are going to have installed in your home, the next decision you have to make is maybe the hardest; the color. Plantation-style shutters come in a wide variety of styles, finishes, and colors. While our NewStyle™ Hybrid Shutters and Palm Beach™ polysatin shutters have less color options because of the materials that are used to make them, our Heritance® hardwood shutters can almost be tailored to anything you would like. You can choose to paint your shutters any color and you can also pair that color with one of our six, unique finishes.

Custom Paint Matching Service

Here at Draperies ‘N Things we offer a paint matching service, where we can match any paint color, like the color of your walls or baseboards, and then paint your shutters to match that color. You can also schedule a free in-home consultation from us or request a creative design brochure to help with the color selection. We encourage you to consult us about colors because it is not recommended to change the shutter color once the shutters have been installed. If you change the color you could potentially ruin the finish on the shutters, thus losing the shine and overall appearance because these types of shutters are usually not painted by hand. But do not fret, we can guide you on the best route for choosing a color that suits your needs and that you will enjoy for a long time.

Color Design Tips

Typically shutters are painted to match the window frame. This happens because plantation-style shutters were created with the idea that they should look like a part of the window frame and not something separate. By matching the shutters to the window frame it makes it difficult to know where the shutters end and the window frame begins. While a large number of people go with this option, another route would be painting the shutters a complimentary color to your window frame. By choosing a complementary color to the frame, it allows the shutters to stand out without making them appear too eye grabbing.

Another option for your shutters is only using a stain on the wood and foregoing the paint altogether. Most shutters are made with basswood, a lightweight hardwood with a smooth, consistent color with a close grain. This type of wood makes a beautiful canvas for a stain because of the overall symmetrical appearance. Stains range in color so if your window frame is also a stained wood, know that it may be difficult to match it exactly but that the shutter stain will remain in the same color family.

Whichever color or stain or combination of color options you decide to go with for your plantation-style shutters, keep in mind that this is something you will be looking at and using every day. If you are brave enough for bold colors, you have the options to satisfy your style. If you prefer the classic plantation-style look, we can help you achieve that as well. The decision can be daunting, but at Draperies ‘N Things we are always here to help and answer any questions that you may have.