Types of Shades and Sheers

Sheers and shades are the perfect addition to any decorating style. They can be formal, casual, contemporary, or traditional. And the colors and patterns available are endless.


The Hunter Douglas line of sheers is innovative and unique. Each type offers multiple levels of coverage in a variety of colors and patterns. Sheer panels softly filter light and UV rays, and fabric vanes can be closed to provide more light control, privacy, and energy efficiency.

Silhouette® - Silhouette window treatments consist of two panels of sheers with vanes of fabric in between. The vanes are similar to slats on a blind and can be open or closed, the entire sheer can be raised for an unobstructed view.

Luminette® - Like the Silhouettes, Luminette window treatments have two sheer panels with vanes of fabric between. However, the vanes in these sheers run vertically rather than horizontally, making them ideal for sliding glass doors or windows that open side-to-side.

Pirouette® - In this line, vanes of fabric are stitched in long narrow loops on one sheer panel. Like the other sheers, the vanes can be left open or closed completely and the entire panel can be gathered at the top of the window.

Nantucket® - Although more limited in selection, this line offers the same benefits of the Silhouette window treatments at a lower price point.


Shades provide a wide range of coverage with a very slim profile, making them perfect for combining with draperies, curtains or valances.

Woven woods – These unique shades provide natural texture and color to a room. While not completely opaque on their own, they can be lined if outside light needs to be blacked out entirely. They can either gather from the bottom, like a Roman shade, or roll up at the top, like a roller shade.

Roman shades – Roman shades are a great alternative to curtains or drapes for places where loose lengths of fabric are impractical because they are generally made of fabric but are designed to stay within the dimensions of the window. They pull up from the bottom, creating soft gathers of material as they are raised.

Honeycomb shades – From the side, honeycomb shades look just like you’d expect them to, like the cells of a honeycomb. This entire line is fairly energy-efficient, provides privacy, and can block outside noise. Double- and triple-cell options increase these benefits, and individual cells can also be constructed of two layers of material to maintain width of the shade while enjoying more coverage. Materials range from almost translucent to opaque and shades can be hung horizontally or vertically.

Roller shades – Roller shades are as basic as they come, one panel of material that rolls up at the top of the window. But basic doesn’t have to mean boring. They are available in numerous materials, colors and patterns and are perfect for darkening rooms or adding privacy to a room with draperies or curtains. When not in use, these window treatments completely disappear behind a valance or headrail.

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