Operating Systems for Shades and Sheers

Are you still using old-school cords to open and close your window treatments? Did you know there are now several operating systems available for your sheers and shades in Phoenix, Oregon?

Less Traditional Operating Systems For Shades

PowerView® Motorization – Most people save the best for last, but we couldn’t wait to tell you about this option. Hunter Douglas has created a motorized window treatment operating system that allows you to adjust your shades and sheers without leaving your seat, or even being home.

With PowerView, you can use a remote control, whole-house automation system, or even your cell phone or tablet to manage your window treatments. Opening sheers behind the couch or closing shades on skylights is no longer an issue because it can be done with the touch of a button or screen. Multiple window treatments can be adjusted at the same time to the same height instead of you having to manually try to get them even one at a time.

The convenience of PowerView continues even when you aren’t home. Install the app on your mobile device and you can control your window coverings anywhere you have a wi-fi connection. You can program multiple shades to open or close at certain times each day, allowing you to manage the amount of natural light coming into your house and the amount of energy going out whether you are at work, out to dinner, or on vacation. It also gives the appearance of someone being home, which can be a deterrent to potential thieves.

Top-Down/Bottom-up – The name is kind of awkward, but the product definitely isn’t. This operating system offers incredible flexibility in coverage. Shades and sheers can be lowered from the top, raised from the bottom, or both. Keeping the bottom of your windows covered and the top uncovered maintains your privacy while allowing you to enjoy the natural light. If the sun is coming through the center of the window and causing a glare on your computer screen, you can open the shade from the top and bottom, blocking just the middle of the window. The window treatments can also still be pulled up completely for an unobstructed view.

More Traditional Operating Systems For Shades

UltraGlide® – UltraGlide is perfect for those who like the familiarity of using cords to raise and lower their shades but don’t like them getting tangled or hanging long and loose when a shade is raised. This system uses retractable cords to operate window treatments. Instead of a cord becoming longer as a shade or sheer is raised, it stays the same length by retracting into the headrail, eliminating unbearably long cords and the potential danger for kids and pets.

LiteRise® – For those who don’t want any cords at all, there’s LiteRise. Window treatments are raised or lowered simply by pushing or pulling on the bottom, and they stay right where you put them. This operating system is available on all sheers and shades, even Roman shades and the Silhouette and Pirouette lines of sheers.

Serving Jackson County and surrounding areas in Southern Oregon including Medford and Ashland, the designers at Draperies ‘N’ Things in Phoenix, Oregon are experts in these operating systems and can help you select the right one for your shades or sheers.