How to Clean Blinds

When you clean your house, everything has a sort of routine. You vacuum the floor and dust the ledges. But when you get to your blinds, then what do you do? Do you dust them? Do you wipe them down? There are just too many options, and if you pick the wrong one who knows what kind of horrible events could occur. Okay, while it might not be that serious, cleaning your blinds the right way is actually important if you want to keep them looking and working right, and this article will help you deduce the best way to clean your blinds.

When preparing to clean your blinds, the first thing you have to do is take stock of the kind of blinds you have. A lot of different Hunter Douglas blinds have been treated with special dust and dirt-resistant paints or fabrics that help the blinds stay fashionable and functional for years. Detailed cleaning instructions for each type of blinds come with each product, or you can look at the Hunter Douglas Care and Cleaning Guide if you need further guidance.

Dusting is a great easy way to keep your blinds looking like new. Just a quick touch up will take layers of dust off, making the blinds underneath look almost as good as when you first got them. For a deeper clean, strap on a brush attachment to any vacuum cleaner and suck up any dust and dirt that has accumulated on your blinds. A simple vertical stroke should be able to clean up most blinds as good as new. If you do not have a brush attachment, try using compressed air or a hair dryer on a non-heat setting to blow dirt clean off your blinds. To tackle more troublesome areas, try spot cleaning your blinds. Take a soft cloth or sponge dampened with lukewarm water, add cleaning detergent if necessary. If you are cleaning fabric blinds make sure to blot and not rub, as rubbing might stain or tear the fabric.

With so many different products and materials, there are special precautions you need to take when cleaning certain materials. For vinyl and faux wood blinds, a great way to repel dust and prevent static electricity from building up is to wipe your blinds with a dryer sheet. Do not use abrasive chemical cleaners, as those can seriously damage the surface of the blinds. Also, make sure you allow your blinds to air dry so they can retain their dust-repelling properties.

When cleaning wood blinds, the easiest way to clean dust is to use a dry feather duster to gently brush away any dirt and debris. A vacuum with a brush attachment can also work very well. You should avoid ultrasonic and chemical cleaners as they will damage the blinds. Make sure your wood blinds stay out of range of steam, high moisture levels, sprinkler systems, or any other overly damp situations to make sure your blinds last as long as they should. And when cleaning windows, always spray the cleaning spray on a rag or cloth to wipe down the windows so the blinds are not damaged by any cleaning solution that bounces off the glass.

So now that you know how to clean them, go get the best blinds in Phoenix, Oregon at Draperies ‘N’ Things, serving Phoenix, Medford, and the surrounding Oregon areas. And once you do, follow these rules to keep them looking brand new.