Should I Choose Wood or Faux Wood Blinds

So you decided that you like the look of wooden blinds for your windows, and who can blame you? Those elegant, earthy styles can add a sense of class to any room. However the choices do not stop there, because now you have to decide between real or faux wood blinds. But do not start panicking yet, because this article is here to help you figure out whether you would be best suited purchasing real or faux wood blinds.

Wood Blinds

Wood blinds are made out of wood (obviously). They are the sturdiest of all the materials used to make blinds, and they can take the most daily wear and tear from people adjusting and fidgeting with them. They can add structure to a room that feels empty, and the earthy glow they give off helps them seem more like a piece of furniture than a window treatment. They also come in a wide array of colors and finishes that can match the color and scheme of basically anywhere.

However, wood blinds are not going to be perfect for every single window. Since they tend to be so heavy they can sometimes become difficult to lower and raise on some larger windows, and stress on the inner cords can cause them to break prematurely. Also, since wood is a natural product, it is effected more by the environment around it. That is why wood blinds in particularly moist areas can start to warp and break. So if you are trying to treat windows in your bathroom or above your kitchen sink, wood blinds are probably not the best idea.

Faux Wood Blinds

While wood blinds are made out of wood, faux wood blinds are not (also obviously). They are typically made up of either a composite wood material or PVC/vinyl. That means that the slats either have a wood core that is surrounded by a high tech polymer, or they are entirely made of vinyl. One of the best traits of faux wood blinds are that they do really look just like real wood blinds. They are also extremely durable, making them spectacular choices if you are redecorating a room that will hold children and pets often. Also, faux wood blinds are much more resistant to moisture and extreme temperatures, so you can still have that great wooden look in your bathroom kitchen without worrying about destroying the blinds.

But just like real wood blinds, faux wood blinds are not perfect either. Faux wood blinds do not offer that same earthy glow you get with real wood since it is not natural. And if you thought wood blinds were heavy, just wait until you these bad boys. Since they are even heavier, they are an even worse choice on big windows that could lead to them breaking well before their time. Also, there are not as many color choices as there are with wood blinds, so you may be a bit limited when it comes to designs.

Hunter Douglas

Whether you end up going with wood or faux wood blinds, Hunter Douglas has a great line of products for either material. The Parkland® series of blinds has spectacular options for those going with natural wood, while EverWood® blinds have everything you could possibly want in faux wood blinds.

So whether you go all natural with wood blinds or durable and versatile with faux wood blinds, you need to get the best blinds in Phoenix, Oregon at Draperies ‘N’ Things, serving Phoenix, Medford, and the surrounding Oregon areas.