Benefits of Motorized Window Treatments

Motorized window treatments are a great addition to any home. Here at Draperies N’ Things, serving Jackson county and the surrounding areas in southern Oregon including Medford and Ashland, we want to show you the benefits of motorized window treatments in the home, so you can see how improved your life will be with their addition.


The first major benefit of motorized window treatments in your home is simplicity. Motorized window treatments, rather it be the PowerView® Motorization System or The Platinum™ Wall Switch with the PowerGlide® PowerTIlt™ or PowerRise® operations, will add an incredible amount of simplicity to your daily life, starting with their installation. These motorization systems are all battery operated and can be synched with any preexisting home automation system that you have in your home. All three of these operating systems can be controlled with the touch of a button. If you choose the PowerView™ system, the simplicity is expanded even more. With the PowerView™ App or the Pebble™ Scene Controller you can program specific scenes and schedules for your window treatments. With the PowerView™ App you can even schedule your window treatments to operate on a schedule making it so you never have to operate your windows coverings again if you so choose.


The second major benefit to motorized window treatments in your home is security. Home automation is the most simplistic way that you can add extra security measures to your home. Because you can set up a schedule of operation for your window treatments with these Hunter Douglas systems, your windows will operate even when you are not in your home. Program your motorized window treatments to open and close periodically throughout the day to make it appear as though someone is present in your home even if you are away. This method of home automation is the easiest way you can add security to your home because it significantly reduces the risk of intrusion or burglary when it appears as though the home is not vacant. Rather you choose the PowerView™ Motorization system or The Platinum™ Wall Switch you can easily incorporate these motorization systems into almost any pre-installed home automation system or use them on their own.


The third major benefit of motorized window treatments is the money you will save. Because you can set up a schedule for your blinds and shades with motorized window treatments, you can optimize your shades to save you money on heating and cooling. Program your shades to remain closed during the hottest and coldest parts of the day to keep heat transfer through your windows to a minimum. You can program your blinds and shades to remain closed during the extremes of the day without ever having to worry if you remembered to shut your blinds. By blocking the heat transfer into and out of your home, you can significantly reduce the money you spend heating and cooling because your home will maintain a more stable internal temperature with the use of home automation and motorization.

If you are interested in motorized window treatments in Phoenix, Oregon, Draperies N’ Things is your best choice! Contact our experts today to get started with the process of having motorized window treatments installed in your home!