10 Tips to Safely and Effectively Clean Sheers and Shades

You love the shades and sheers in your Phoenix, Oregon home, but they’re starting to look like they could use a good cleaning. Before you turn the hose on them or ship them to the dry cleaners, read the tips below to ensure your cleaned window treatments look as good as new.

Tip 1: Follow The Instructions

READ THE CLEANING INSTRUCTIONS YOU RECEIVED WITH YOUR SHEERS OR SHADES. This can’t be stressed enough. Different window treatments are made of different fabrics, have different trims and mechanisms, and can require different care. Hunter Douglas provides cleaning instructions specific to the items you purchased, so be sure to keep this information and refer to it when cleaning day arrives.

Tip 2: Dusting and Vacuuming

Dusting and vacuuming are the simplest and least expensive cleaning methods. The majority of window treatments tolerate dusting, which is most effective if done regularly. A slightly more high-powered dusting method is using a hair dryer on a cool setting to blow off dust. Vacuums equipped with soft brush attachments also work well on most shades and sheers, but shouldn’t be used on delicate items, including some LuminetteÒ and ArchitellaÒ products.

Tip 3: Spot Cleaning Shades

Not all shades and sheers tolerate spot-cleaning, so check your cleaning instructions before attempting this method. Once you confirm it’s okay, use a soft white cloth and mild detergent to clean your window treatments according to the instructions provided.

Tip 4: Professional Cleaning Shades in Phoenix Oregon

Sometimes it’s best to leave it to the professionals, but make sure the company you hire is completely familiar with your specific shade or sheer and that they have the proper equipment to do the job right. They may do the cleaning right in your home or they may do it off-site and bring them back.

Tip 5: Proper Removal and Re-installation

If your professional cleaner wants to take your shades or sheers off-site for cleaning, or if you want to take them down to clean them yourself, be sure to follow the provided instructions for both removing them from the wall and rehanging them. It will save you a lot of frustration and help to avoid damaging the window treatment.

Tip 6: Protect Decorative Trim

Shades or sheers with decorative tapes or trim may require a different cleaning method than ones without. The cleaning instructions you received with them will cover these extra items as well.

Tip 7: Woven Woods

Your woven wood shades should never be cleaned with chemical solvents because they may be damaged. Dusting or vacuuming are best for this type of shade. If static is making the dust hard to remove, try using a dryer sheet in place of your regular duster or cloth.

Tip 8: Honeycomb Shades

Most honeycomb shades can be safely cleaned by immersing them in warm water mixed with a mild detergent. After washing, rinse them and hang them back up, leaving them completely lowered to allow them to dry.

Tip 9: Headrails and Bottom Rail

If you have a specialized operating system on your shade or sheer, DO NOT submerse the headrail or bottom rail containing the components.

Tip 10: Avoid Window Cleaner Spots On Shades

To avoid damaging or staining your shades or sheers when cleaning window, spray the cleaner on a cloth instead of on the window itself.

For additional tips and more information on how to clean certain type of window treatments, check out this information from Hunter Douglas. Or talk to the experts at Draperies ‘N’ Things who have been serving Jackson County and the surrounding areas in Southern Oregon including Medford and Ashland for over 30 years.